Learn how listening to your intuition, the voice of your soul, can totally transform your life.

The Intuition Mastery Summit Bundle is so very special because you have the luxury of listening to all the fabulous interviews in any order, receive thousands of dollars worth of gifts, and gain the ability to tune into your intuition,     which is in fact, your Soul communicating to you.

Did you know your intuition can:

  • Express your needs, wants and desires
  • Reveal your dreams, passions, and goals
  • Create success and abundance in your life
  • Bring love and happiness to you and others
  • Forgive and promote health and tranquility
  • Deepen and improve relationships and finances
  • Guide you to make better decisions and choices
  • Allow you to trust that inner-wisdom and guidance
  • Overcome struggles, remove blocks and release and let go
  • Create an inner-sanctuary where peace and authenticity exists.

Here’s what you will receive in your Intuition Mastery Summit Bundle:

27 leading transformation experts will speak on how intuition plays a significant role in your lives, relationships, professions and expertise. The topics are diverse and cover all aspects of life including: health, happiness, relationships, career, love, dreams, goals, passion, success, abundance, resolution, forgiveness, and purpose, just to name a few! You can listen to them in any order and as many times as you want to.

  • Exclusive access to all 27 interviews.  
    Available as a permanent resource available to use time and time again.
  • Exclusive access to all 27 FREE Gifts generously provided by each guest expert.
    and FOUR additional BONUS Gifts.


Connecting, developing, and trusting your Intuition takes practice and you’ll receive wisdom and guidance on how to do just that during the Intuition Mastery Summit.

Look at the fabulous well sought after experts appearing as our guests offering tangible,       real life strategies to positively impact your life.

Cindy & Lynnis

Welcome to the Intuition Mastery Summit from your co-hosts

Marcia Wieder

DREAM: Using Your Intuition to Clarify & Create What You Want

Katherine Kelly

Aligning Your Spirit for Radiant Living

Marci Shimoff

Happy Road to Intuition

Jean Adrienne

Using Your Intuition to Clear Your Path to Create The Reality You Want


Hans Christian King

Intuitive Psychic Development

Simaran Sing

How To Deepen Your Intuition – Connecting The Dots, Signs & Symbols

Lori Boyle

The Power of Intuition in Business

Shawngela Pierce

The Importance of Meditation in Mastering Intuition

Debra Poneman

Intuition as the Key to Unlock Your Success



Sherry Burton-Ways

Intuitive Reiki for Interior Spaces – Design For Total Life Transformations

Nicole Myers Henderson

The Essence of Intuition~ Proven by Science

Kathleen O-Keefe Kanavos

Your Dreams and Intuition: Dreams Do Come True

John Newton

Use Intuition to clear Ancestral Lineage & experience Health Beyond Belief

Dr. Jamie Tundorf

Love Never Dies: How to Hone Your Intuition to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased


Kim Forcina

How Intuition Sparks Our Creative Fire

Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera

The Bridge Between Soul and Ego

Justin Elledge

Acting on Intuition through Active Prayer

Dr. Andrea Pennington

How To Attune To Higher Wisdom and Creative Intuition Through Meditation

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Using Your Intuition to Call in “The One”


Karen Wells

“Red Flag” Intuition in Relationships

Christel Hughes

Releasing Energetic Interference with your Intuition

Teresa Maron

Removing Blocks To Intuition

Mindy MacKenzie

Using your Intuition to turn your J-O-B into your J-O-Y!

Sheila Hawkins

Using Intuition To Get Things Done


Sara Troy

The Intuitive D.I.V.A Within

Temple Hayes

Intentional Intuition

We know that you'll not want to miss this wonderful opportunity and at such a fabulous price!

Just think permanent access, the luxury of listening when ever you want and as often and in the order that you're interested in.  There is no other Intuition Summit out there and our incredible guest experts are sure to make this very special and personal for you.

The time is now and you coming to this page is a sign that your intuition is guiding you here. This is one of many life-changing "A-ha!" moments that you will be experiencing in the Intuition Master Summit.

The Intuition Mastery Summit Bundle

with a Treasure Chest of Intuitive Gifts

Whether you’re looking to:

  • achieve greater career success and/or financial prosperity
  • resolve conflicts and help make necessary decisions
  • find more balance or freedom in your life
  • lead a more inspired, heart-centered existence
  • heal and find that greater inner peace and harmony
  • or simply connect more deeply to your Soul

We've got you covered!

Here's what you'll receive:

MP3 Library of all 27 Interviews throughout the Summit

  • freedom to listen to the Experts whenever you want and as often as you like
  • retain the MP3 library as a permanent resource
  • PLUS you will be provided the main points, quotes, and intuitive highlights from each interview

Intuition Mastery Summit Gift Bundle

  • Receive ALL 27 FREE Gifts, from each of our Expert Intuitive Guest Speakers.  Your gifts will be available all at one time, in one convenient location, so you can take advantage of them immediately and not miss a single gift.
  • These gifts are valued at over $5,000 and will truly be loved by all.

    Plus receive FOUR EXTRA BONUSES from your co-hosts, Cindy and Lynnis, as a THANK YOU!

    1.  Alphabetical Spiritual Gift Guidance Tool

    Explore the Alphabetical List of Spiritual Gifts and find which one calls to you.  Have fun revealing, discovering and developing your Spiritual Gifts. Using your gifts will bring happiness into your life and others, it's your destiny. The World awaits your GREATNESS.

    2.  Powerful Beyond Measure Weekly Intuitive Reading

    Connect to your Intuition and hear the inner-wisdom to focus on over the week. Your Soul will guide you to the powerful message behind one of the image. The Inspirational Message revealed is so personal and will resonate deeply within, allowing you to feel enlightened to live Powerful Beyond Measure.

    3.  Destress the Mess - 21 Day Mindset Challenge with Affirmations

    Psychologist say that we can change a habit in about 21 days. Not only can we change our habits we can also change our mindset. The DeStress The Mess-21 Day Mindset Challenge with Affirmations gives you a 21 day plan of activity to help you go from negative “stickin; thinkin’” to a more positive mindset that expects positive outcomes and success in just 21 days!

    4.  "Eating The Rainbow" E-Book

    Optimize your efforts of improvement of your intuition by also improving your health. All of the reciepes in “Eating The Rainbow E-Book” use all the different colors of the rainbow in the recipes. Enjoy great vegetarian sides and main dishes as well as great recipes using fruit. Many of the recipes are gluten free, low in sugar, low in fat, and low in calories. Enjoy!

      Special Intuition Mastery Summit Bundle Offer

      You can purchase the entire
      Intuition Mastery Summit Bundle and

      Treasure Chest of Intuitive Gifts


      You'll receive ALL 27 Interviews to listen to at your convenience, in the order that you choose, as often as you wish. 

      This guarantees that you won't miss a single interview, tool, tip, insight or life-changing "Ah-ha!" moment from any of our guest experts.

      PLUS you will receive ALL 27 of the Bundled GIFTS from each of our experts, available at one time, in one convenient location.

      This way you won't miss a single gift!

      PLUS you will receive FOUR ADDITIONAL BONUS GIFTS from Cindy & Lynnis:

      Alphabetical Spiritual Gift Guidance Tool

      Powerful Beyond Measure Weekly Intuitive Reading

      Destress the Mess

      "Eating The Rainbow" E-Book

      Join us and transform your life, from a place of inner knowledge and wisdom that will help guide and direct your path and decisions that you need to be making.

      All for the little cost of $97.  That's a HUGE SAVINGS just for you.

      We strongly believe that learning to use and trust your intuition will literally open new pathways of opportunities, connect to finding happiness, health and harmony, and create success, abundance, and direction with your goals and desires.

      Listening to your Soul’s inner-voice is life-changing!

      We are excited to guide you on your Intuitive Development Journey and are thrilled you have joined us!

      With much love and added blessings sent your way.    

      Cindy and Lynnis